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ILUNBE is a flexible, adaptive organisation that offers custom solutions for every need. A staff of 65 highly-qualified professionals, facilities covering 1700 m2 and 35 years’ experience give us consistency and credibility in our sector.

Our product design and redesign capability facilitates closer relationships with our clients. This, coupled with proprietary traceability systems and maximum optimisation of custom manufacturing processes and logistics allows us to offer highly-efficient solutions to achieve products of optimal quality in the electricity, electronics, thermal energy and renewable energy industries.

AUXEMA-STEMMANN is the national leading company for powering systems and data transmission, with more than four decades of experience and success in the most demanding applications worldwide.

Our knowledge is also to the service of the wind power by mean of our special slipring assemblies (including quicksilver and Fibre Optic rotary joints) for data transmission and supply of special cables of Medium Voltage and Fibre Optic that covers all the applications existing in the Wind Turbine range, both Offshore and Onshore.


Vicinay has been supplying hoists to the wind industry since its very beginning. During about 15 years, Vicinay has been improving the design of the hoists used for the installation and maintenance of the wind mills. In this period of time, more than 13000 units have been supplied to wind mill manufacturers and service companies all over the word.

The tough working conditions the hoist must stand during its life time in the nacelle, due to environmental reasons and the long travels along the tower, definitely require a robust design and a proved quality. Our experience along these years makes us capable of facing any special requirement of our customers.
The solutions we can provide can be based on chain hoists, the most common, as well as on wire rope hoists. We can also supply bridge-cranes, jib-cranes or whatever device is necessary according to the characteristics of the users nacelle.



Equipamientos Eolicos has been market leader since more than 10 years for Rack-and-Pinion elevation systems for windturbine towers, over 2.500 units installed.Located 5km away from Bilbao Int. Port, the company is focused on Brazilian & European onshore+offshore windpower markets.
Equipamientos Eolicos sets up the global trend in elevation technology designing certified systems, the best in the world, patented.




ASAKEN ROPE ACCESS SOLUTIONS is a cooperative venture of Basque industry dedicated exclusively to the comprehensive management of operations and maintenance at height, employing rope access techniques under maximum safety and quality.

Extensive experience (over 1000 projects), IRATA International accreditation (No: 5034/OT) and its own engineering department, allow the ASAKEN Wind Energy division to develop and carry out wind turbine inspection and maintenance projects, applying continuous improvement processes with the aim of providing top quality service while reducing down times.


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